About Drake Teas On The Bus

It all began in 2017 with Peter Drake's vision of creating a tea room for his tree nursery, Drake Trees (www.draketrees.co.uk).  With his love of machines and vintage vehicles, a Routemaster bus seemed like the obvious option.

Peter purchased the bus and began the long process of turning it into a tea room.  One year after purchase the bus arrived at Drake Trees Nursery with a beautiful coat of paint and a fully working engine.

Fitting in the renovations around his day job of tree surgery and running the nursery wasn't easy, so Peter decided to set a deadline of Easter Saturday 2019 to open the bus.

The interior was fitted out with a kitchen and the original seats were moved around to create space for tables.  Two weeks before opening was when Peter got stuck in and began ordering all the necessary things to make the bus function.

With only two days to go, he started the construction of the garden and after a lot of hard work the bus was ready.

2020 Update

The lovely Victoria has taken over the running of the bus and offers fantastic themed afternoon teas and lunches as well as the usual tea and cake!  We wish her all the best!

The top deck with all of the seats removed
The beginning of the garden
The day the bus returned, fully functioning
At the nursery before the transformation